Sunday, July 26, 2009

Right To The City-NYC Platform Released

This week saw the release of the Right To The City-NYC's policy platform document. Along with our allies in RTTC-NYC, MOM has been working hard for more than a year to bring the perspectives and experiences of South Bronx residents to this important project. Looking ahead to the important citywide elections this Fall, this platform represents the needs and vision of working class and low-income communities of color around NYC and gives a concrete set of demands for how they can be achieved. Despite the development priorities and track record of our billionaire Mayor, working class and low-income people around the City will continue to organize and fight to ensure our survival in the future of NYC.


More about the Platform:

The Right to the City-New York City policy platform is a result of an in-depth, collaborative, and participatory process. The alliance created this document to articulate the principles and document the policy concerns most important to low-income communities of color. This platform will be shared with elected officials as the 2009 citywide elections approach, to ensure that the needs of low-income people in New York City will be met.

This platform has six sections, including: Federal Stimulus Funds; Community Decision-Making Power; Low-Income Housing; Environmental Justice & Public Health; Jobs & Workforce Development and Public Space. Right to the City emerged in 2007 to halt the displacement of low-income people, LGBTQ, and youth of color from the neighborhoods they have been living in for years.

We are a national alliance of racial, economic and environmental justice organizations. RTTC-NYC is a local chapter, made up of 16 grassroots organizations as well as policy groups, academics and other allied individuals. Urban Justice Center’s Community Development Project sits on RTTC-NYC coordinating committee and serves as a coordinator for the local alliance.