Saturday, September 5, 2009

Housing Justice Committee takes off at Forest Houses!

This past Wednesday, September 2, the MOM Housing Justice Committee held a basebuilding meeting at Forest Houses (NYC Housing Authority - NYCHA), with resounding success.

Thanks to the outstanding outreach efforts of Forest residents (through doorknocking, phonebanking and street outreach), over 100 neighbors showed up for a meeting to air out concerns with NYC Council Member Helen Diane Foster. Folks commented that there hasn't been a turnout like that in 30 yrs, which made it even more special.

The government's disinvestment in Forest & other NYCHA Public housing developments is an everyday nightmare for most residents, who experience the constant failure of elevators, myriad severe repair needs in apartments, unkempt grounds and playgrounds, lack of usable public space, and constant plumbing issues.

The focus of the Housing Justice Meeting was to discuss the allocation of money to NYCHA through the Federal economic stimulus package, and to identify its use and misuse as it relates to the South Bronx in general, to Forest Houses in particular.

In addition, the meeting sought to gain
the support of District 16 NYC Council Member Helen Diane Foster to secure a meeting with NYCHA's Housing Comissioner John B. Rhea, and to host a tour of Forest Houses for her NYC Council colleagues.

Residents chat with CM Foster after the meeting

Forest resident leaders crafted a letter that will ask the Council Member when we can expect these actions to take place. Please check back for updates as MOM will keep you posted on the outcome.

Thanks to the work of the MOM Housing Justice Committee, NYCHA residents around the South Bronx are realizing that taking leadership and building unity around a strategic campaign can have real results. NYCHA Residents want Change!!!