Thursday, July 15, 2010

Giving thanks!

Big gratitude to everyone who came out to our Victory Party last week. Over 75 people showed up to celebrate, eat, dance, drink one too many cups "Painkiller Punch," and share thoughts on the impact of this incredible victory and of Thomas' work organizing with MOM over the past 4 years.

Check out photos of the party HERE

As always with MOM events, it was truly a family affair, and we are especially thankful for all the newly-pledged MOM Monthly Sustainers who stepped up to commit to contributing financially to MOM's work.

NEW SUSTAINER SHOUT OUTS: Tanya Fields, Cassandra Gary, Julien Terrell & Mitch Robinson Ramirez, Omar Freilla & Janvieve Williams-Comrie, Ari Rotramel, Lucretia Jones, Blanca Ramirez, Jesse Lehrer and Thomas Assefa.

You better believe it! Support from our community is vital in sustaining this work - it simply cannot happen without you.

To become a MOM Monthly Sustainer and commit 5, 10 or even 20 dollars a month, go HERE. For more information or questions, email

Stay tuned to the MOM blog for next steps on implementation and accountability regarding the terms of our settlement victory.

The fight is far from over!