Sunday, March 14, 2010

Video on the fight for clean air

The video was produced by Chloe Smolarski, Melissa Nicolardi, Veralyn Williams and Marjorie Bresciani in a graduate course at Hunter College. Many thanks are due to these women for their wonderful work. Here is their description of the project:

We first became aware of the environmental justice movement in Hunts Point in the spring of 2008, as residents and activist were embroiled in a struggle against the renewal of NYOFCO's poisonous contract. Through the organizations Sustainable South Bronx, The Point, and Mothers on the Move we were introduced to the five incredible women - Majora Carter, Marie Davis, Tanya Fields, Cerita Parker and Kelly Terry- Sepulveda- whose inspiring efforts to organize their community and fight against NYOFCO are the center of this story. Thanks to the efforts of these women the City of New York will not renew NYOFCO's contract, and hopes to terminate the agreement as early as June of this year, well before it's 2013 expiration date. Score one for Hunts Point!

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